From Easter Feasts to Easter Treats

Make your Easter lunch the main event with deliciously different traditional recipes from around the world.

GermanyKerbelsuppe (chervil soup). In Germany, Easter celebrations begin on Maundy Thursday, called Gründonnerstag which sounds like “Green Thursday”. On this day, many people eat green foods and this soup is a popular choice. Even after the holidays, Easter dishes continue with leftovers! Eier in gruener Sosse (eggs in green sauce) is one recipe to try!

ItalyTorta Pasqualina is a savoury pie made with artichokes, spinach, parsley, ricotta and eggs. Some recipes call for 33 layers of pastry in the crust to signify the numbers of years Jesus spent on earth.

GreeceTsoureki is a soft brioche-type braided bread that is flavoured with an unusual cherry seed called Mahlepi. It is decorated with a brilliantly dyed bright red hard-boiled egg.

RussiaPashka is a dessert eaten at Easter. It is often decorated with the letters XB for ‘Христосъ Воскресe’, which is the Russian for ‘Christ is Risen’.

EcuadorFranesca is considered a very special soup as it is only prepared once a year during Easter. The key ingredients are twelve different types of beans, which represent the twelve disciples, and salted cod to represent Jesus.

Easter would not be complete without sweets, so invite friends and family around to enjoy authentic and delicious treats from Italy, Belgium, America and more.

Italian Colomba Easter Cake baked in L’Aquila. The traditional dove shape cake is moist, aromatic and light with raisins, candied orange peel and almonds.
Dark Oeufs en Chocolat are tempting foiled ‘quail’ eggs filled with hazelnut praline in dark chocolate from family-owned Belgian chocolatier Café-Tasse.
His & Her Easter Bonnet Chick Tins. Recalling 1950s Americana, the fun tins depict chicks from New York’s Easter Parade. Each tin is filled with fruit jellies.
Shortbread Chicken Caddy filled with traditional Yorkshire mini all-butter shortbread bites.

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